Pupils at Victoria Drive were asked about their return to PRU after the Lock-Down:-

What is your experience of returning to Victoria Drive PRU after lock-down?

‘weird, seeing other people, new pupils. Coming in and that was good.’ – ‘Happy, see your friends.’ – ‘Good fun. I enjoyed making a kite and making a stick.’ – ‘Thumbs up.’ – ‘Fun being back.’ – ‘Good and happy. Enjoyed doing the learning, particularly English.’

What helped you?

‘Gave me fun work like art, with Liesse we did art and drawing.’ – ‘Teachers’ – ‘Orbies’ – ‘Thinking, listening and learning.’ – ‘Maybe we should be writing more, more biographies.’ – ‘I didn’t feel pressured by people I don’t have to talk to.’

Is there anything else that we can do?

‘Helpful advice about when you get stuck. – ‘help teach me to ask for stuff.’ – ‘Adults help us, no.’ – ‘Going back to school is good and bad. I made more friends’