He did very well . I love his imagination when he does the calming sequence and goes to a happy place. I think he’s missing a park.

Thank you for this week’s bits T is happy and he said thank you. 

Thank you again for the pack, bagels and fruit very much appreciated thank you. 

Thank you for T’s pack and thank you for his bag of fruit and veg

Thank you for your ongoing support as well for T I really appreciate it.

Thank you for the pack T is excited to do arts and crafts I’m going to try a one to one lesson with him so he can make something.​

Thank you once again 

Thank you he will really enjoy that 



He has enjoyed your sessions as it is a change from Google classroom and given him the chance to interact with another adult besides his teacher.

He is now going through his 8 times tables



He is in school today and is already excitedly talking about it!



We’ve both really enjoyed seeing what’s in your envelope each week



Thanks for the post received today with the putty, online safety tips, world book day token, and a note for J. He has been really enjoying the bubbles this week. 

Thanks also for holding the session later in the day. It was great to see you today. I could tell J enjoyed it. I will definitely be playing that game with J again.